Life of Sally Ann the Dachshund, Luna Ann the Chihuahua, and Charlie Brown the Dachshund. With an occasional reference to our brother, Duke the Orange Tabby Cat.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun Friday - Crazy Dog Park Weiners


Wanted to share some adventures we went on this past weekend. This past weekend was perfect to visit our favorite dog park, Marymoor Park besides going to the beach. It was sunny and warm. There were a lot of dawgs and owners this weekend.

It was a great time. Especially since mama yeagie was able to come out and play with us. We were so happy to have both mamas.

We got to visit with our fellow weiners. :)

Luna was like "Hello there fellow". I didn't mind him sniffing us.

Me and My Serious Face. :)
Charlie always seems to find a friend. They were playing in the tall grassy areas. Mamas were watching making sure he didn't get to distracted. LOL

Charlie was curious if his new friend wanted to play tag. tag but secure the grounds. There goes Charlie securing his area.
Like with most parks, that are near water based areas, there is always a water hole for the doggies. Time to check a few of them out. We didn't dare get close except for Mama Elena and Charlie. They are crazy. I was fine staying dry. I know it was sunny but not that warm.

These water dogs love diving in that water.

LOLOL Looks like he dropped it be for he got back in. BOL!

Just a cute face, that wanted me to take her pic. She was really friendly. :)

For a second there we though Charlie had a growth spurt. BOL!!!
After a long walk around the park we get to our favorite area, the tall grass. BLAAHAHAHA. Mamas take us out and make us run. LOLOL. We decided to make a race between the two mamas. Who can get there first gets a yummy treat. BOL. Take a look.

Get that Chihuahua!!! RUN LUNA RUN!

Look I'm in the lead. :)

Oh yeah....Maybe I should enter the Weiner Races again.

Get her.

Love the expression on Charlie's crazy face.

Cannot wait to go back. We adore that park. Sooo much room and so many areas to go and talk with people. We have some other pictures of us running. Maybe I'll ask mama to put some up of them up for you all. What you think?

We hope everyone had a wonderful week, now lets get crazy this weekend. :)

~Sally, Head Doxie of the Weinerful Gang~

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weinerful Wordless Wednesday #9

Happy Wordless Wednesday!!!!

Here are some more beach pictures......

~Weinerful Gang~

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Mischief - Beach Photoshoot

Happy Monday Mischief Everyone!!!! Whoaaa!!!! Sorry we have not posted anything since Wednesday, mama has been sick. So we had to babysit her. She's all better, she had a nasty tummy bug. Fortunately she got better just in time for this weekend. We were able to go play all weekend long.

So this weekend we went to a new location, Deception Pass.  We have never been here before so it was a treat. Especially since the weather was able to cooperate.

Side Note: For all of our Non-Seattleites it has been a little rough in the weather department. It could not make up its mind for a little while. But I looks like spring has finally peeked around the corner. It was finally sunny all weekend and finally 50ish degrees.........YEAH!!!! All weekend long!!! :)

Look at my noble nose! Don't I look too cute! BOL!

Needless to say we were having fun, we got to bathe in the sun while we ran around on the beach. Jump all over beach wood. Climb on treacherous rocksSome of us love to eat the sand! BOL!!! All we can say is that we had a blast and cannot wait to go again. Maybe if it gets warmer we might get to actually swim. We'll see. :) 

Luna was looking for her private yacht. One day, Luna. One day.

Love Sally's expression.

Once again, my noble nose.

Look at us. Here are a few pics of us on our beach wood photo shoot.... BOL!!!!!

We loved the sand in between our toes. We don't mind the rocks occasionally, but sand. OH SWEET SAND! :)

We love soaking up the sun.

Love smelling that ocean air. :)

I think Sally was a former mountain goat in another life. Look at her go.....

Of course at the end of a nice long SUNNY and beachy day. You have to go and get some ice cream. Mamas found a great place on the side of the road up the way to Deception Pass. Unfortunately we were out all day that we missed out on getting a waffle cone with ours but either way we got the ice cream.

Loved the blue ice cream. It was called Pop Rocks.

Luna always pushing us out of the way.

We all hope you had weinerful, if not wonderful, weekend!!!!! What are a few things that you guys did?

~Weinerful Gang~ :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weinerful Wordless Wednesday #8

Everyone was weiner fighting!!!!! OH!! They are fast as lighting......

Hope everyone has a great Wordless Wednesday! :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monday Mischief - Happy St. Patty's Weekend

Hello my fellow doggies. We hope you had a wonderful if not weinerful weekend.
We sure did.

 We had a ball hanging out with our Pups N Pint's meetup friends early Saturday am. We showed up at the doggie park but we missed them. Maybe because it was snowing, yep, snowing. But we meet up at the Fremont Brewery.  Here are a few pics:

Pirate having a little fun. ARRRR! It was funny they were playing and we caught them in action!

Zoe our host. She was chillaxing in mama's arms.

Look at that face!! BOL!

Here's another cutie!! :)

We liked him!! He may be big but loves all kinds/sizes of dogs! :)

Ozzie!!! He is just too sweet! He was looking at mama for some beer! BOL!

Attack of the Boston's!! :)

Here they come in hoards! :)

Right after that we decided to go and visit our favorite spots, Dmaries Dog Boutique and The Dining Dog. And OH MY DOG!!! It was wonderful. We always love the hospitality that we get from both locations. If you have never been there, YOU NEED TO GO! We were treated like royalty. We loved every minute of it.  First thing we have to do is get all dressed up for the event.

Sally that green bandana suits you.

I think sis wants to just go eat. LOL!

Don't I look stunning. :)
 Then we go play in their small playroom.

We always find someone to fill up the puzzle toys!! BOL!

I'm a professional! Don't attempt this trick at home.

I bet my score. 20 seconds flat.

Sally you're getting the owners to help you. Cheater!

Some of our new friends.

LOLOL We know how to get free treats! Visit the kiddos. BOL!

Luna was hungry......which means it's time for Dining Dog.

So after a little bit of playtime. It was time for us to get a four-course meal at our Dining Dog.
YES!! Four-course meal. Go big, or go home baby! BOL. Nom Noms

Sally was trying to use the Jedi Mind Trick on them.

Luna decided trying to look cute with her tongue sticking out would work better. BOL!
Then after a meal like that we had to go back and play some more. After a few hours we went home and told Duke, our tabby brother about the festivities. But it looked like he was already having a party of his own without us.......

Looks like he got into some green beer while we were gone.


As you can tell he was still buzzed at this point.
 We hope you guys had a wonderful weekend, whatever you did. :) Let us know what you did.....send us pics and notes on our Facebook page.  Have a great Mischief Monday!!!!!!