Life of Sally Ann the Dachshund, Luna Ann the Chihuahua, and Charlie Brown the Dachshund. With an occasional reference to our brother, Duke the Orange Tabby Cat.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weinerful Wordless Wednesday #28

Happy Weinerful Wordless Wednesday!!!!

Who says this game is only for cats!?!?! I can do this!!!
What do you guys think?

~Charlie, Stud Muffin, Weinerful Gang~

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black and White Sunday #1

Happy Sunday!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a fabulous thanksgiving!!!
We are just lounging around especially after our feast on Thursday.

~Weinerful Gang~

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday Mischief - Halloween Fun

Happy Monday Mischief to all our friends!

It's Luna........the crazy howling chihuahua!!!!
We are hoping that everyone is doing great this weinerful fall. Halloween has finally of our favorite days of the year!

We love to dress up.....we have several costumes.
(We'll share some past Halloween costume with you on Wordless Wednesday!!!)

We had a the opportunity to go out to a doggie Halloween party this weekend. It was hosted by none other than our friends, Dmarie's Dog Boutique.

Take a look.....can you guess who and what we are?

Sally smiling for the camera.
I didn't want to walk it was a little chilly.
Well's a little obvious that Sally and I are both sweet and adorable angels. Charlie is of course a devil. (Like you are surprised!!!! BOL!)

One sexy devil for sure!
But did you get the joke?!?!
Well we, Sally and I, are Charlie's angels.....booooloololol.....ohhhh I'm rolling all over now.....bolololol!

Anyways, we were able to walk the red carpet! We even got our photos taken with mama....(we'll show those soon...:0) ). It was a blast. Also Sally won 1st the........pie eating contest!!!!
Oh yeah!

Go Sally Go!!! She also helped finish our plates and a few other contestants!!

 We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.......Cannot wait to show you guys some more pics!! :)

~Luna....the crazy one!!, Weinerful Gang~

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weinerful Wordless Wednesday #26

Happy Weinerful Wednesday!!!!!!

Hope everyone is doing great!!!! :)

~Weinerful Gang :0) ~

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Friday - Fun Photos!

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Yes, it is that crazy weinerful gang again!!

We hope all is well!!! We hope you all planing to have a wild and weinerful plans for the weekend!!!!
We will be doing what we do best.......getting into lots of weinerful mischief and eating great treats!

Here are are few pictures of us just lounging and looking gorgeous.

Life can be soooooo hard on a little chi in a big weinerful world!

Did someone say bacon!?!?!!?!!

Charlie working on his Glamor Shot poses!!

A cute kiss.....:0)

Have a great weekend!

From da weinerful gang!

~Luna, the cutest of the gang, Weinerful Life~

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weinerful Wordless Wednesday #25

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Here are a few cute and happy pups that we meet on our cruise on Sunday.

~Weinerful Gang~

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Mischief - Doggie Cruise!

Happy Monday to all of our mischief makers. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

We know the crazy weinerful gang has been not as active as usual but this weekend we did something wonderful on our Sunday.

Mama's took us on a dog cruise. This dog cruise was an Annual Summer Muttmixer that was hosted by CityDog Magazine with Argosy Cruises and Alki Tours. We had an opportunity to go on one of the cruise ships and ride to a 475 acre state park called Blake Island.

Just take a look at our adventures.

Sally waiting in line....Do you think she's excited?!?!?
Here's a peek of what our view was in line. BOL!
Oh we are getting close!!! We can taste the salty sea air!!!
We did a family picture before we boarded. (Forgive the quality, pic of a pic, LOLOL)

Charlie looking out over the edge of the ramp towards the boat.
Once we got on the boat there were so many pups it was amazing. We ran into several doxies and chihuahuas, including YouDidWhatWithYourWiener Blog friends. We will show you more pics of all of our new doggie friends on Wednesday.....heck we will do it throughout all this week.

One pup in his cruising outfit!!! :) He's too cute right?!?!?!
Sally with her cheesy grin.

Did we mention, Dining Dog provided all the puppy refreshments?!?

Someone took the camera from me!!! Either way I'm just soaking up that sun! OH YEAH!

We had to show you guys some great views of Seattle of course......Enjoy these ones!

Before we knew it we arrived at our destination.....Blake Island. Time to go explore.....

Here's a view of our boat. :)
Charlie had to be the first one to shore!!! Show off. LOLOL :)
Here's a group pic of us....saying we arrived.
After we hit the land, first thing on our minds was where is that sandy beach....we want to go roll in some nasties and soak our toes in the water.  And a way we went.......

Look at that pretty site......And it looks like we were not the only ones who wanted to play in the water.
Charlie soaking his toes.

Hey is that a crab.....get it Charlie!
Photographer Luna had to take a break.....I had to soak up the sun of course. GOSH!! LOL
Sally followed suit......She's too funny.
Many pups were jumping in to play fetch. Either way they are staying cool.
Charlie is always intrigued but never ventures out.
Almost time for lunch....but wait Charlie has found something. Or so he thinks.

On our way back, we begged mamas to put on our lunch outfits. Only because we were a lot cooler and we wanted to be a little formal....sorta. BOL!

Charlie in his Hawaiian Shirt. Too cute!
Here's my dress. I'm showing off the pattern.
Of course sister Sally.....:)

 I begged mama to take a few more shots, for my portfolio of course.....gosh. LOLOL :)

How could you say NO to this!!!!!!
Sun shot!

Looks like lunch is going to be served.......

Courtesy of  The Dining Dog!!!!!
After lunch....we just relaxed in the sun. We will post some more fun pictures later on this week and some pictures of some adorable pups. Thank you to CityDog Magazine, Argosy Cruises, and The Dining Dog for such a weinerful.....okay wonderful time!!! We want to go again next year.

Look at that mug....someone looks tired but happy!!!!

Happy Monday Everyone!

~Luna, the best photographer in the west, sorta~